Shadow Slayer Tour: SupaGurl Books Review & Giveaways! You’ll never see a shadow the same way again!

Makslake Estate Mansion where Oakdale High School has its homecoming dance, the night Roxie's life changes forever.

Makslake Estate Mansion where Oakdale High School has its homecoming dance, the night Roxie’s life changes forever.

“You’ll be checking everyone you know to see if they have their shadows!! EEEEP” – SupaGurl Books

Woot! It’s HERE! The Shadow Slayer tour kicks off today with the fabulous SupaGurl Books & a 5-star review! Click here to go check it out!

I’m excited to take Shadow Slayer on tour and am so happy you’ve joined me. I’d be thrilled if you’d help spread the word! Each day from Dec 3- Dec 15 some amazing bloggers/reviewers/readers will be posting a little something different about Roxie, Hayden, Drew and Ally and MORE from Shadow Slayer and the Shadow Series including playlists, excerpts & character interviews. The Shadow Slayer trailer debuts this week too :) I can’t wait to share it with you. So let’s get this party started!

Did I say giveawayS? YES!

Click here to enter the tour giveaway today!

The prizes include:

2 – $10 Amazon Gift Certificates

2 – paperback signed series copies of 13 on Halloween & Shadow Slayer

5 – ebook copies of Midnight Surrender, a paranormal romance anthology that includes a lost excerpt of Shadow Slayer.

Want MORE?

Every day on Laurasmagicday I’ll be giving away something new.

What’s for grabs today? A paperback copy of TRANSFER STUDENT, an intergalactic tale of beauty & the geek. Click here to find out more about Transfer Student & The Starjump Series. What to do to enter? I’m taking readers’ questions and will post my answers on the tour. So all you need to do to enter to win your paperback copy of Transfer Student is leave me a question you’d like me to answer. Easy peasy. 

Squeee! Here’s the tour schedule. So thrilled that these amazing bloggers helping to spread the word about The Shadow Series. Thank you!

Dec. 4 – My Seryniti *Review
– SnifferWalk *Reviews, Author Interview
Dec. 5 – Michelle’s Paranormal Vault of Books *Review, Excerpt, Giveaway
Dec. 6 – Breathe in Books *Review, Trailer
– My Seryniti *Review, Author Interview, Giveaway
Dec. 7 – Simply Infatuated *Trailer
– The College Crawl *Review, Playlist
Dec. 8 – Nazish Reads *Review, Playlist
– Just Me, Myself, and I *Review, Trailer, Promo
– Reese’s Reviews : My Addiction to Fiction *Review, Excerpt
Dec. 9 – Bookworm Babblings *Review
– The Cover (and Everything In Between) *Promo, Excerpt
– Realms of an Open Mind *Review
Dec. 10 – A Dragon’s Love *Review, Trailer, Giveaway
– Megan Likes Books *Promo
– Love of Books *Review Bk 1, Excerpt
Dec. 11 – Lovely Reads *Promo, Author Interview
– Bend in the Bind *Review, Excerpt
Dec. 12 – A Soul Unsung *Review, Guest Post, Giveaway
             – Book Dream Land Blog *Review, Trailer, Author Interview
– Blooding Book Reviews *Author Interview
Dec. 13 – My Pathway to Books *Review, Playlist
– Better Read than Dead *Review, Excerpt
Dec. 14- Blooding Book Reviews *Review
– Little Read Riding Hood *Review
– Step Into Fiction *Review, Interview
Dec. 15 – Vamps and Stuff *Review, Interview, Giveaway
– In This World Of Books *Review
– Jessabella Reads * Trailer

8 Comments on “Shadow Slayer Tour: SupaGurl Books Review & Giveaways! You’ll never see a shadow the same way again!

    • I love this question. Names are so important to me and I have a lot of fun picking them. I look forward to answering this question on the tour:D Good luck in today’s giveaway!

    • Congrats Dana! You won a paperback copy of Transfer Student! Just email: elliwrite [at] yahoo [dot] com
      with your address and I’ll mail your signed copy. Thanks for joining the tour :D

    • Great question. Thanks for stopping by and entering today’s giveaway. Ah, Giedre…some books more than others. I’m looking forward to answering this question on the tour. Research can definitely be an addiction for me. Here’s a random fact that I found in my research for Moon Killers, book 3 in The Shadow Series…that Blackbeard’s real name was Thatch and he was said to set fire to matches under his hat that made the ends of his twisted locks smoke and hiss like snakes. Isn’t that cool? Good luck with the giveaway :D

  1. Great question, Jen, and thanks for being a part of the tour today. I’m looking forward to answering this on the tour :D I have a lot of favorite SF series & movies that shaped the characters and storyline in Transfer Student. What’s your favorite SF series or movie? Good luck with the giveaway :)

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