The inspirations & challenges behind TRANSFER STUDENT, an intergalactic tale of beauty & the geek

I wrote the first draft of TRANSFER STUDENT in 2006 after my father-in-law died. It was a crazy, sad time. I was working at the Los Angeles Times on the re-opening of the Griffith Observatory [it had been closed for five years for renovations] and we were back-and-forth between LA and Fresno [a four hour […]

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Transfer Student: The teleporting telescope

Congrats to @laurathomas61 the winner of an ebook of Transfer Student! Good luck to today’s tweeters. Giveaway rules at the end of the post! Central to the story of TRANSFER STUDENT is Rhoe’s invention of the teleporting telescope. Here is a picture of the Zeiss Telescope at The Griffith Observatory. In 2006, while working at The Los […]

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[Nearly Wordless Wednesday] Transfer Student: Meet Ashley…& New Swag

Congrats to @Beesha1 winner of a TRANSFER STUDENT EBOOK! Good luck to today’s tweeters! Here’s this week’s swag:) Details of how to enter the giveaways below! THIS WEEK’S SWAG: PIG IN SPACE PIGGY BANK, Griffith Observatory travel mug, a HOLLYWOOD MAP OF THE STARS, signed bookmarks, Griffith Park Observatory pen & postcards, Space Shuttle Anniversary commemorative coin, […]

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