Diary of a Debut Author: Winnemucca, a small-town fairy tale, Bookiversary & Giveaway!

A year ago today Winnemucca, a small-town fairy tale, was published. I can’t tell you what a thrilling year it’s been. Of all my books, Winnemucca is the best seller so far. Like my other novels, Winnemucca has sold all over the world and has even won an award for its trailer. I’ve gotten emails […]

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From Tomes to Taps; Getting your feet wet with apps by Toni Matlock

[Toni and I had the pleasure of meeting each other at Wordstock in Portland, OR. She rocks! We were booth neighbors and we got to chatting about APPS. I’m thrilled that Toni is here today to demystify the world of APPS for us regular folks. So, grab a cup of tea and read about one […]

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Secrets of E-book Marketing: Excerpt trades and enhanced e-books

YA Author Cheri Lasota and I met through social media. I had networked with a lot of authors in the Pacific Northwest because my husband renovates hotels and Portland will be, off-and-on, our latest address and I wanted to get to know local authors. This helped to lead to the formation of The Pacific Northwest […]

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