Shadow Slayer Tour: Laura Answers Readers’ Questions with a Q & A & Giveaways!

First a picture of my favorite ornament this year! (Read to the end of the interview to enter the giveawayS!) Where do you get your character names? Do they come natural or does it require a lot of thought? (Dana Mason) I LOVE dreaming up character names. They are such an important part of the […]

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Happy Indie-pendence Day Celebration of Indie Authors!

I have three great Indies to feature on INDIE-pendence Day because they’ve written some sizzling summer reads! Have you read a great Indie title lately? Post it here, I love getting reading recs :) Tiffany King is a fellow Plume and her books are fabulous because they hit at the heart of what it means […]

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Transfer Student Blog Tour & EBOOK | SWAG Giveaway goes to Australia and stops at a Drive In in California!

I thought it would be a great way to welcome my Australian friends to the tour today by stopping by an American Icon, the Drive-In. A Drive-In inspired one of the scenes in TRANSFER STUDENT. So get in the car…let’s go check out some of the real places that inspired the scene. Check out DeeScribeWriting […]

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Interview & Review with Kate’s Reads on the Transfer Student Tour Today!

CONGRATS TO TO EBOOK WINNER @MacDibble! GOOD LUCK TO TODAY’S TWEETERS! [read on for tweet deets :) ] Today on the tour I’m excited to be interviewed by Kate’s Reads. She’s a great book blogger and she’s one of my go-to blogs to find out what’s next on my TBR list! Kate asked for an […]

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Diary of debut authors: Nichole and I have our TV Debut in beautiful Savannah

Last night I landed in Savannah. The landing was my first scare on The Paranormal Plumes Society Haunted Book Tour. We were literally about to touch down, leaning back in our seats waiting for the wheels to hit the tarmac when, the plane all of a sudden took to the air again. Quickly. All of […]

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Interview with Courtney Cole author of My Tattered Bonds

I’m thrilled to have fellow YA Indie Carnival author Courtney Cole here on Laurasmagicday. Welcome Courtney! I was excited to hear that you completed The Bloodstone Saga and couldn’t wait to have you here to talk about My Tattered Bonds! Here’s what I’m dying to know: Me: What was your favorite scene to write from […]

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Teaser Tuesday: Perfecting Perfection by Teen Author McKenzie McCann

I had the pleasure of meeting McKenzie McCann at WordStock in Portland. Fellow Rain Boots Required author Lisa Nowak introduced me to McKenzie and she was such a blast to hang-out with that I want to introduce her to you all and let you know about her debut YA contemporary novel, Perfecting Perfection! McKenzie just […]

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Interview with Frederick Lee Brooke Author Of Doing Max Vinyl

Here is a quote from Frederick’s blog that says it all: “A couple of months ago I bumped into Laura on Twitter.  Not only is Laura the author of acclaimed YA book Winnemucca and 13 on Halloween, she is also an old friend from high school I had completely lost touch with.  In this picture […]

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YA Indie Carnival Q & A & GIVEAWAY! With YA Authors Heather Cashman and Amy Maurer Jones

I host two amazing YA authors today. Heather Cashman’s book Perception, part of the Tiger’s Eye Trilogy, has received amazing reviews and Amy Maurer Jones, author of the Soul Quest Trilogy, keeps confounding us with a powerful message in her fantastical world. Thanks for stopping by. I hope you have fun learning a little more […]

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Kerry Cohen Dishes Dirty Little Secrets, An Excerpt & More!

Kerry continues to amaze me with her honest, bold and riveting memoirs. It’s simple. You can’t put Kerry’s books down. I fell in love with her writing style when I read Easy. Her books Seeing Ezra and Loose Girl have been runaway hits. Dirty Little Secrets is being released tomorrow and I am happy to […]

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