Goliath’s Skinny Latte battles David’s Jamaican-Me-Crazy: a tale of coffee, wine and survival

Last night I went out and drank wine with old friends, and made some new ones along the way. Two of my favorite things to do. A lot has changed since I’ve lived in this part of LA. Happily there are many more places to hang out with friends and drink wine and microbrews :) […]

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Monday Muse: SFINE (San Francisco Independent Authors Book Signing Event)

Whew! What a fabulous weekend…hung out with some old friends and made some new ones. Thanks to all the wonderful folks who stopped by to say hi! A big shout out to Angela, Sydney & Kate, Carly and Vivian too :D Hanging with my booth buddies!

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Monday Muse: Dare I say it? 50!

Hey all. I procrastinated ALL WEEKEND when I have a huge deadline this week. And now that I’m sitting down to work and realizing that at last count my new novel The Storytellers..the one I should have been editing all weekend has…wait for it…50 CHARACTERS! Egads! 50 is my new favorite number. It’s going to be […]

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Monday Muse: Believing without seeing

I went to an evensong service at church last night. When I go to church, I usually attend in the morning. But, the beach called yesterday morning. I had a fabulous time with my husband walking along our favorite beach with our dog Oso, an Aussie Shepherd, and grand-dog Twiglet, a Yorkshire terrier. The surf […]

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Johnny Cash inspired Winnemucca, a small-town fairy tale

I thought I’d share one of the inspirations behind Winnemucca, a small-town fairy tale, where fear’s as blind as love. There isn’t a better day to do it than today, what would have been Johnny Cash’s 81st birthday. It’s hard to believe he was only eight years younger than my Dad. Everyone always asks me […]

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Monday Muse: Far and away & Moon Killers (Shadow Series #3) sneak peek!

Sometimes you have to get away. From everything. From everyone. From the old thoughts. Find some new ones. That’s what I’m doing this week. Spending time away. My brother said something to me this week that inspired me: “We all have thoughts, not all of them are helpful” He said to recognize the ones that […]

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