YA INDIE Carnival : Social Media…what works for you?

Social Media, what works for you? Relationships. It’s all about relationships. Social media is just our virtual pub or café or bookstore or our neighborhood park. It’s about introducing yourself, & maybe your dog and making friends. That’s really all it is for me. I try and help people out and people help me out […]

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Secrets of E-book Marketing: Excerpt trades and enhanced e-books

YA Author Cheri Lasota and I met through social media. I had networked with a lot of authors in the Pacific Northwest because my husband renovates hotels and Portland will be, off-and-on, our latest address and I wanted to get to know local authors. This helped to lead to the formation of The Pacific Northwest […]

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YA Indie Carnival: 11 ways to put the SOCIAL in your media. Or how Social Media rocked my world!

Happy 11-11-11! Here are the 11 ways SOCIAL media rocked my world this year 🙂 1. It hooked me up with the most incredible group of authors that became true friends and it all started at the YA Indie Carnival! 2. This lead to The Paranormal Plumes Society. 3. And lead to The Pacific Northwest […]

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