How to make a book trailer

The Birth Of a Book Trailer I knew I needed a book trailer to help promote my debut YA novel Winnemucca. First of all, I love movies. Heck, I live in Los Angeles. And, I worked in the entertainment industry. I knew the power of the trailer. Plus, how much fun would making my own […]

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Writing on the road

I’m heading up to Portland later today for the local author showcase at The Oregon City Public Library this Thursday night. I can’t wait to meet the teens there and also get to spend some great time with my friends and fellow authors Lisa Nowak, Stacey Wallace-Benefiel and Cidney Swanson. What’s that you say? But, you […]

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On the road to Deltona, FL for The Paranormal Plumes YA Book Tour

I landed in Tampa last Wednesday night and have been hanging with my family here for the past few days. Tomorrow my sister and I head north to Orlando where we’re going to Harry Potter’s Wizarding World. After Orlando we’re meeting up with The Plumes in Deltona for dinner. We’re SO excited! Today went WAY […]

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San Francisco Story : Inspiration & Purple Leis

It’s not every day that you pick your daughter up from the airport. And today is even more special because my daughter lives a continent away. She’s coming back home and we are going to get to hang out for ten precious days. One of my fondest memories of San Fransisco is when my daughter […]

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The Fairy Truck Driver

What’s a Winnemucca? That’s pretty much the response I get from people when they read the title of my debut novel, a small-town fairy tale about a teenage girl’s enchanted road trip. It’s that or it’s “Oh, I’ve been there.” With a smile. Winnemucca is The Emerald City of the novel. There’s a fairy truck […]

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Will we live on a volcano? Maybe.

Part of the fun of being mobile is the adventure. All the new places and people you get to know. Joe and I are about to go mobile again after making a nest after a few years on the road. The road has been good to us. We have journeyed to some really breathtaking spots […]

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