See you today in Decatur:)

Hey y’all! Good morning:) So excited to go to The Decatur Book Festival in Decatur, GA this weekend. We kicked it off last night in Marietta, GA and the Arts of Cobb Center with a meet & greet. Thanks for swinging by I had so much fun talking to each of you last night. Today, […]

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Fly away this weekend with a GREAT book!

Soooooo excited for the Decatur Book Festival! In one week we will all be there and we are so excited that we are having a BIG sale this weekend. Check this out!  Here’s an update on the events coming up at The Decatur Book Festival this Labor Day Weekend! Friday, August 31 7-9pm Arts of […]

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Sealed With A Kiss: Blind Date

Me and some of my PARANORMAL PLUME SISTERS are writing about our first kiss in honor of Valentine’s Day:) Since I write YA and my first passionate kiss was in high school, I thought this story would be perfect for Sealed With A Kiss. Blind Date The organization called The American Field Service brought lots […]

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Florida Book Tour with the Paranormal Plumes!

I’m going to post on the tour soon, but in the mean time, Abby, a friend of Tiffany King’s and an amazing photographer, just sent us some incredible images and I want to share a few with you! A BIG thank you to the students of Deltona High and Galaxy Middle Schools. MISSING MY PLUMES!  […]

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On the road to Deltona, FL for The Paranormal Plumes YA Book Tour

I landed in Tampa last Wednesday night and have been hanging with my family here for the past few days. Tomorrow my sister and I head north to Orlando where we’re going to Harry Potter’s Wizarding World. After Orlando we’re meeting up with The Plumes in Deltona for dinner. We’re SO excited! Today went WAY […]

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Fisher Amelie’s Callum & Harper Exclusive Excerpt/Giveaway!

Howdy! Have you read and re-read The Understorey until your eyes bleed?? Have you put a notch in your lipstick case every day since the announcement that Callum & Harper releases DECEMBER 24th!! In the mood to get a sneak peek at best-selling author Fisher Amelie’s latest novel??? Well, come on in a sit a […]

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Diary of debut authors: Nichole and I have our TV Debut in beautiful Savannah

Last night I landed in Savannah. The landing was my first scare on The Paranormal Plumes Society Haunted Book Tour. We were literally about to touch down, leaning back in our seats waiting for the wheels to hit the tarmac when, the plane all of a sudden took to the air again. Quickly. All of […]

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