2 Worlds. 2 Teens. 1 Wish. TRANSFER STUDENT RELEASE & GVWY!

It wouldn’t be a party without a little music, right? I hope you enjoy the TRANSFER STUDENT PLAYLIST!    TOMORROW THE DREAM CAST COMES TO THE PARTY! CONGRATS TO WEEK THREE SWAG WINNER! @intothemornrds Scroll to the end to find out how to win RELEASE SWAG!!!! SQUUUEEE!!! [Click cover for more info] Two Worlds––Two Teens––One […]

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YA Indie Carnival Secret Santa Giveaway: Ebooks & Excerpts under my tree!

Remember when you were in school and someone decorated your locker with wrapping paper and candy canes and big red bows? Today there’s a note taped to the outside of your locker. It reads: Enter the Secret Santa Giveaway from Dec. 16 to Dec. 22, 3PM Pacific and on Friday, Dec. 23, Noon Pacific you […]

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Secrets of E-book Marketing: Excerpt trades and enhanced e-books

YA Author Cheri Lasota and I met through social media. I had networked with a lot of authors in the Pacific Northwest because my husband renovates hotels and Portland will be, off-and-on, our latest address and I wanted to get to know local authors. This helped to lead to the formation of The Pacific Northwest […]

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Urban Fantasy Author Sophie Nicholls Dishes About Her New Novella Ruby Slippers

There’s a great urban fantasy novella out there in the ebook world and I’m excited that its author Sohie Nicholls is here today to dish all things RUBY SLIPPERS! What girl doesn’t want to wear a pair of ruby slippers? Sophie Nicholls is an award-winning poet. Her full-length novel, THE DRESS, will be released in […]

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Winnemucca GIVEAWAY Winners!


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