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Hi, my name is Laura and I’ve been telling stories professionally for decades. Whether for broadcast on E! Entertainment Television or as features and hard news articles at The Los Angeles Times, I bring a light, compassionate heart and passion for telling stories in new and compelling ways. My love for telling stories through video developed at The Los Angeles Times and continues with the book trailers and documentaries I direct and produce as well as the screenplays I write.

My focus creatively is to tell sometimes humorous, sometimes poignant stories that always entertain and shine a light on the relief of suffering in the world.

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elliwrite [at] yahoo [dot] com

A Visit to Dracula’s Castle The Los Angeles Times

Phil Spector’s Fateful Evening The Los Angeles Times

9 Comments on “ABOUT

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  2. I was planning to be a hippie for this Halloween; after seeing your photo and reading your blog, I might have to change to make it a little scarier – hippies covered in worms?? That has a zombie quality to it. Enjoy your book tours!

    • LOL! Yes. Yes it would. I think the whole undead-hippie-vampire-thang will be the wave of the literary future:) Don’t you? Maybe use gummy worms?? Thanks Les! I hope I don’t laugh myself silly tomorrow. hee-hee On the other hand, what about the undead-disco-vampire-thang?

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  4. Oh, it looks like ya’ll had SO much fun! I loved the interview with you and Nicole. You both were lovely, so poised and it was wonderful to hear you both speak about your books “in person.” I am not real familiar with Nicole and Mortal Obligation, so I’ll be adding that one to my ever-growing TBR list!

    I’ll have to see about Orlando. I love Florida and escaping cold, frozen Ohio in January would be divine. Thanks so much for this lovely summary of the weekend with the Paranormal Plumes!!! :)

    • Dani,
      Savannah was incredible! Thanks for taking a peek at our interview:) Nichole and I were SOOO nervous.But somehow we pulled it off! [I think it helped to be after Gaston the service dog:) He warmed up the studio for us:)] Nichole is a great gal. We’ll never forget how we first met! I’m reading Mortal Obligation now and loving it! Hope you do to:) Will be awesome to see you in Orlando! Here’s to one more Plume!!! I hope you can make it :)

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