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  1. Hey Kate, Anna & Nicole! Thanks for joining the party. So far, we’ve got: a jellyfish [me!], a fairy, a pirate wench, a Greek Goddess, a ghost pirate, and a 50’s poodle-skirt girl! Cool! Thanks for entering the giveaway! Good luck:)

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  3. This is so much fun. I know I am repeating myself at each stop, but I’m really really enjoying myself on this scavenger hunt.

    Like on Facebook (as Cassidy Finn)
    Following on twitter (as @Cassidy_Finn)

  4. Seriously!? Seriously!? Leaving it like that is absolute torture! I cannot wait for Shine to come out. I’m desperate for it and this excerpt has only made me yearn for it even more.

  5. Thanks for the giveaway! I’m curious, how well exactly does your hubby wrap presents? Better than you just doesn’t quite say enough. Does he know how to color coordinate the wrapping paper with the bows? There are bows involved right? LOL *Just kidding. Don’t mind me, I’m being weird.*

    Thanks again!

    • Hee-hee I’m SO glad you asked. For YEARS hubby would buy his own bows and paper. The most AMAZING bows and paper. And he wouldn’t tell me where he got them. He searches for the finest papers and the most exquisite bows. It’s one of his THINGS. And he takes his time. I’m like…what’s on sale…I have to get this done, bing, bang, done! He treats it like an art. And because of him, the scene on Christmas is pure magic! Rlly. Even when there’s not much to give, he makes it look GOOD! 🙂 I love weird 😉 Good luck with the hunt!

    • Christina! 🙂 Good thing nothing says Halloween like December…hee-hee! Thanks for swinging by Laurasmagicday. And GOOD LUCK on the hunt. Sorry to hear you missed the candy this year! It’s SO hard to come up with a good costume! If I can’t think of anything I throw on some jeans and go as a pirate!

  6. ive been nice this year, well for the mpost part. Ive arranged help groups and community service groups to help people in my town.

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  15. My fav part of TTS was visiting the Drive In. Don’t have many Drive In’s left in AUS, so it was great to see the Pics of the one in the book!

    Thanx for being in the Scav Hunt!!

    • Christina, The observatory is one of my favorite things about LA! It’s really beautiful there:) Really nice to have a little lunch and take in the view. Glad you enjoyed the link to the web stie. Thanks for helping to spread the word about TS! Good luck on the HUNT!

  16. I was a vampire last year for Halloween and I’ll be a vampire again this yr. too. What can I say, I have those super cool teeth that look real and I love them!

      • 🙂 dgmolly so great to see you here on the HUNT! GOOD LUCK, my friend. YES, the obelisk is creepy-slash-cool. I’m so glad you liked taking a peek at it while you read the story. Hopefully it added to the feel of the scene! Thanks for helping to spread the word about TRANSFER STUDENT!

    • I was a hippie vampire for halloween a few years back and had a total blast. My hubby ended up looking like Ozzy Osbourne…here’s the pic

      HILARIOUS! LOL:) I love the super cool teeth!


  18. Thanks for doing this amazing giveaway! I would love to read your book. I dont know what i would dress up as for halloween… i honestly havent been out in a couple years for trick-or-treating! Thanks again!

  19. I really liked the link to the song-it’s really cool that you’re able to listen to the song that is mentioned in the book!

  20. halloween and costumes aren’t popular in my country, so i never done it :p

    my first scavenger hunt!! wish me luck 🙂

  21. For Halloween, I usually play in a String Scream at a community event. I’m supposed to be scary, so I go as a bloody Lizzie Borden, which is what my teacher called me for the first year because she kept messing up my last name. Sadly, the school frowned upon my cutting a piece of paper and pasting it to the side of my Viola case, so now I just have to play as a bloody, nondescript murderess.
    My favorite extra would probably be the creepy statues. Every staring statue just needs a visualization!
    I tweeted! Lizzie Hagen, or @megaavidreader

  22. I wouldn’t mind dressing up as anything as long as its CUTE and absolutely 100% FUN! 😉 Gotta have priorities.
    Thanks for the giveaway!

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