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Ultimate Dream Dinner — Phuket, Thailand

“Dreams are the most important ingredients in my ultimate dining experience. So many are hatched and celebrated around the dinner table. Dreams and dining intertwine in my life.” The kind people at asked me, “if I could have or make dinner anywhere in the world, where would it be and what would I eat?” My dream […]

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More thankful this Thanksgiving than any other

  I sit at the fire pit where I first met him. The magic that night undeniable. There is no such magic tonight. I give a big smile to the flames and the memory and wonder why love disappears. The asking takes me back to Bali. Why is not a spiritual question Laura, my healer […]

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Home, a bracelet and the Maasi

The little things your heart whispers can bring so much joy to the world.

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Dancing barefoot on the beach

Here’s a track from the soundtrack of my trip. This song was playing at an open air bar/dance club just a few meters away. I was sitting on the beach in front of a bonfire on Gili Air with a group of new friends I’d made there. We were all talking about our lives. How […]

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Monday Muse : the girl on the rock

Hubby, Oso and I went to a great BBQ potluck on the 4th. We love the mountains and hubby’s family has been going up there for generations. So, there were a lot of new and old friends at the BBQ. Not only did we celebrate the country’s birthday, but a few actual birthdays too :D […]

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