Teaser Tuesday: Gamelan––Growing up under Japanese Occupation

I’ve been researching and trying to write a story based on my family’s experience in World War II for about ten years now, ever since Dad started to open up about his experience. For ten years we’ve been sitting down with each other, talking about events, locations and his experiences, getting clear about the “when” and “wheres” of his time as a prisoner. When we first sat down together, it was difficult for him to remember just how many prisons he was in and how long he had been a prisoner. But, together, we pieced the puzzle together. I’ve read that “why” isn’t a very spiritual question. I kind of like that insight.

I’ve tried five different times to write the story as a novel. And, well…it just wasn’t happening. Each attempt fell apart for one reason or another. And then, after I’d taken only a few storyboarding classes at Art Center at Night, creative fireworks went off and I saw the whole story. I like to write my novels cinematically, so I guess the transition to screenplays is natural, even as I have a lot to learn. Part of the reason why this story hasn’t come together as a novel has to do with the fact that the scope of the story has seemed so epic to me, spanning several generations, and like my screenplay writing instructor said, “that’s the trouble with true stories”…all the details. The story needed focus and that’s what I’ve been working very hard on over the past few months. Here is the opening scene from Gamelan.


A bamboo and barbed wire fence. An old, white man’s emaciated wrinkled, shaky hand clenches three cigarettes. The boney, but steady hand of HANS (19) takes the cigarettes from the old man.

HANS hammers a crooked nail into a rough-hewn wooden plank.


Liberty is something you can’t understand until it’s taken away. You become a different person. You become a prisoner. You learn what it is to survive.

Last weekend my family had a reunion where we celebrated Dad’s 90th birthday!

Happy Birthday Dad! 


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4 Comments on “Teaser Tuesday: Gamelan––Growing up under Japanese Occupation

  1. Hi Laura. Such an endeavor should take a long time. As you said, it spans many generations. Happy Birthday to your father! Hug him with the strength of ninety!

    • Hey there Laura :D You know, you’re right! Up until I read your comment, I’ve always felt like I should have gotten this story figured out by now. *breathes a sigh of relief* Some stories take longer than others and that’s okay! Thanks so much for stopping by today and for your words of wisdom. I sure did hug Dad–and you know what’s cool? He was in such great spirits. Happy and talkative and full of energy, more energy than I’ve seen him have in years! You know what he says is making him feel so good? Seaweed:D And he’s making sure that I take some. I’m like ABSOLUTELY! I’ll have some of what he’s having. LOL! ((hugs))

  2. I take bee pollen and vitamin E. Helps with restless legs, leg cramps, and those oh so wonderful hot flashes! Have to check into seaweed:)

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