Monday Muse: The World of Moon Killers, Shadow Series book 3

Mayfield moon

Mayfield moon (Photo credit: Bill Collison)

I’m really excited to be writing Moon Killers the third book in the Shadow Series. The characters haven grown and changed, and deepened so much since book 1. I love writing this series because we meet Roxie O’Grady in book 1, 13 on Halloween, when she’s twelve and about to turn thirteen. She’s in eighth grade, the last year of middle school. Roxie isn’t the kind of eighth grader who has the feeling like she rules the middle school, though. Far from it. She’s trying desperately to get on the social map somehow. So, she throws her first ever birthday party and invites all the popular kids. They all come and give her a birthday gift that’s literally out of this world. I love this book because it takes a humorous, sometimes scary look at one girl’s quest for popularity––no matter what the cost.  In book 2, Shadow Slayer, Roxie is fourteen and finds the agony of fitting in at high school nothing compared to falling for the hottest guy at school and saving the world from the shadow onslaught. In book 3, Moon Killers, due out this spring, Roxie’s powers are growing as she learns to harness the power of killing the moon to help her battle the shadows that want to take over our world. In Moon Killers, the stakes are higher. Roxie is fifteen and life is getting more and more complicated. Pirates and Venice and explorers have been my inspiration for the third book in the series. 13 on Halloween is free here and Shadow Slayer is available here and here and here. Like audiobooks? You can give the stories a listen here and here and on iTunes too.

Welcome to Monday muse. Each Monday I hope to share a little bit about what’s been inspiring me. Lately, I’ve been inspired by the little things. Did you see the moon last night? OMG. Amazing. I saw the moon super early this morning, washed in a golden light. It’s hard to sleep when the moon is so beautiful. I went to our local farmer’s market last Friday and bought some tulips and fresh flowers for the house. It’s great to have the flowers everywhere. I love going to the farmer’s market but hadn’t been in so long, and while I was there I ran into a very dear friend :) I’ve been very inspired by the movies I’ve seen lately too. Les Miserables and Zero Dark Thirty have been the ones that stand out for me.

What’ s been inspiring you lately?

5 Comments on “Monday Muse: The World of Moon Killers, Shadow Series book 3

  1. I’ve been inspired by a new cookbook I ordered by Yvette Van Boven called Homemade! I’ve been making cheese from her book and enjoying the beautiful photographs in the book. I also saw Les Miserables and Lincoln at the theater and loved them both. Happy Monday to you Laura! Stay inspired!

    • :) Great to see you here, Deb. Wow. Making cheese? OMG! So adventurous. I bet it’s amazing. You are awesome in the kitchen! I’ll have to check that book out. I love the photos in cookbooks. *walkstokitchenandlooksinrefrigerator* *waves* Happy Monday!

  2. I’m in England at the moment and find it such an inspiring country!! The countryside is so beautiful, the light so different from Portugal (yes, you could say dull… but dull can also inspire!!) and the historical buildings, well… they’re just to die for!!
    So excited about your other books!

  3. Suzy, Have a great time in England! I love it there too. My aunt lives there and when I visit her I really enjoy wandering the streets of London, with all the fabulous shops and amazing old buildings. What a gorgeous place to have as the back drop of your life…and your stories! Doing research, aye? So happy you’ve been inspired by your travels :) Portugal sounds amazing too, BTW…especially to this CA girl!

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