Shadow Slayer (Shadow Series #2) Excerpt & Giveaways!

I’m thrilled that today’s tour stop is at Michelle’s Paranormal Vault of Books ! Be sure to check out her awesome blog. Two days away from Shadow Slayer’s book trailer reveal day! EEEEPPP! #jumpsupanddown Wanna see where the tour will be tomorrow? Click here for the tour schedule 🙂

Here’s an excerpt from Shadow Slayer — at the end of the excerpt are the giveaways for today & our winner from yesterday!

(Drew and Roxie are on stage at practice for try outs for the school play, The Tempest)

“Very good, we’ll start with you, sir, the strapping young lad who looks like a TV commercial. I’d like you to read Prospero and I’d like you, my dear”— he points at me—“to read Ariel.”


“She’s an airy spirit,” he says. It’s really weird the teacher hasn’t told anyone his name.

“Cool,” Drew says.

“Yes, it would be if you weren’t lying to her all the time.” The teacher looks right at me.

And it’s too horrible to even think about. Drew lying to me. But, we’d only just met. He has to just be talking about the play. What could someone I don’t even know possibly have lied to me about?

Drew’s wide-eyed look makes the cold fingers of creepiness crawl over my body again.

“Just helping you both to get in character,” Rock ’n Roll  Teacher says as if to answer my silent question. “Take it from page twenty-five, after the shipwreck. Now imagine, Drew. You have survived a tempest. A terrible storm at sea. Your ship split in two, and the ship, lightened of its cargo and battered, turns into driftwood. This is where you will give yourself up for lost. But, the north winds are sharp and you’ve gotten to shore by clinging to wreckage and found this lovely sprite to thank and, later, take for granted.”

“Lovely,” Drew whispers under his breath, staring right at me. 

I find my place before Drew, long enough to examine his profile. He’s most definitely a ten. After we say our lines, and I stumble on some of the History Channel words––a bunch of dost thous and prithees, it’s clear that Prospero will break his promise to Ariel. They’re bound to each other by some sort of pact and Prospero seems like he’ll never set her free. I want to read The Tempest from cover to cover. Immediately. Only I’ll need some sort of interpreter to understand it all. I crumble inside at the way Ariel’s been betrayed and lied to.

“Tryouts tomorrow,” our no-named teacher says. “Take these script copies home tonight and find a monologue no more than a minute or two. Yes, that should be plenty. Tomorrow we’ll have you walk on stage, along with the ghosts, and wow me.”

“Does this mean Doc Stevens isn’t director anymore?” Drew says.

“Yes, lad. It means you’re stuck with me. I’m afraid Doc Stevens is… away.” Rock ’n Roll  teacher smiles, his teeth unnaturally whiter in the darkness of the theater. “And the name is Janus. Mr. Janus.” His smile immediately fades.

Great. We’ve got a creepy, manic-depressive teacher for a director. I grab my backpack off the floor and sling it over my shoulder, wishing more than ever that I lived close enough to walk home to avoid the inevitable drama that the missed bus will create. Walking slow, I pull out my cell and hesitate before pressing call, deep in thought about Ariel and her betrayal—like how my friends are turning on me. I sort of come out of my haze when I walk out the backstage door and into the overly lit hallway. The only two people standing there are me and Drew.

“You want a ride home?” he says like he talks to sixes all the time.

“You drive?” I can’t help myself. Freshmen can’t disguise their longing for total freedom. Ever.

“I’m a junior,” he says like I should have known that already. And I should have.

“Oh.” Why would a junior ten, want to give me a ride home? “Sure. Where do you live?” I ask.

“Just a few streets down. You?” Of course he lives in the quaintest, most beautiful village just a few streets away from the high school.

“Oh, I’m all the way across town. It’s okay. It’s way out of your way,” I say, really wishing he’d give me a ride to avoid the drama that a call to my mom will create.

“No problem. I like to drive. It clears my head.” He pulls his keys out of his pocket.

Why would a ten, the perfect guy, need to clear his head? What could ever be bothering a perfect guy like him?

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What to do to enter? I’m taking readers’ questions and will post my answers on the tour. So all you need to do to enter to win your ebook of Shadow Slayer is comment here with a question you’d like me to answer OR open your current read to a random page and leave a comment with the title of your read and three or four sentences. Easy peasy.

CONGRATS to yesterday’s WINNER of a copy of the 13 on Halloween Audiobook (click here to hear a sample) Veronica Huerta !


8 Comments on “Shadow Slayer (Shadow Series #2) Excerpt & Giveaways!”

    • Tara. That’s a great question. I look forward to answering it on the tour. One of the things I wanted to explore in Shadow Slayer and the Shadow Series is how we chose to be who we are and the idea the we all might have a jealous alter ego.

  1. Faithful Shadow by Kevin J. Howard.

    “Eat this, shithead.” Stew took his Swiss army knife from his pocket and pulled the largest blade, running it along the passenger side of the truck. “That’s what you get,” he told the truck with a wicked smile as he tucked the knife back into his pocket.

    That just happened to be where I am at in the story.

    Thanks for the giveaway.

    • Sherry, Great excerpt. I’ll have to check out Faithful Shadow! I am, as you might have guessed, a BIG lover of “shadow” books 🙂 Thanks for stopping by the tour today. I’m happy you’re here.

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