Whatchya doin’ this Labor Day? Getting ready for Decatur Book Festival! :D

I’m really excited about The Decatur Book Festival and I’ll be there with some amazing authors: Tiffany King, Ella James, C.A. Kunz, Courtney Cole, Fisher Amelie, M. Leighton, Sarah Ross, K.A. Tucker, Amy Mauer Jones, Nichole Chase and Heather Self just to name a few!

Here are some of the events I’ll be at, if you are in and around Decatur, GA this Labor Day please stop by and say hi I’ve got some great swag I’m dying to give away! 

To celebrate the book festival, and to get in the Halloween spirit, I just released this collection of ghost stories. FREE ON iBooks & Smashwords🙂

Get under the covers and read late into the night from The Kindergarten Ghost, The Seven Caves, Knock Three Times, Not Tonight, One Great Love and Drive-Thru Death & Coffee. Tales you’ve never heard before, but ones that will haunt you forever. With bonus Excerpts from 13 on Halloween [Shadow Series #1] and Shadow Slayer [Shadow Series #2]. Sweet dreams.

I’m going to a pick random winner from your comments & tweets this weekend! Winner will receive some SHADOW SERIES MYSTERY SWAG! EEEP! Let me know what you’re up to this Labor Day:)

I’m packing up to get ready to go. It’s been such a crazy week. I have family in Tampa, and it looked like Isaac was heading straight for them, and now poor New Orleans! I really hope dry air sucks all the air out of Isaac and that it moves QUICKLY over NO. I love New Orleans and have lots of treasured memories there! Too soon after Katrina! *hugs to all in it’s path* Be safe tonight! GO AWAY ISAAC!!!!

We’ll see  how the flight from California to Georgia goes *crosses fingers* 😀

7 Comments on “Whatchya doin’ this Labor Day? Getting ready for Decatur Book Festival! :D”

  1. Have a lovely time Laura! Wish I could be there to meet ya! I will be sharing Labor Day with my family, doing a cookout and recalling past events. Love doing that. It’s funny what we disclose when we are kicked back. Some things that come out shock me:)
    Heading over to get your book. I love reading and reviewing collections! Can’t wait to read yours:)
    Again, enjoy yourself, have fun!!

    • Laura 🙂 I hope you get a good SCARE….not like you need one with Isaac though, huh? I wish I could meet you too. Next year? I go to the South a lot ’cause I got a lot of family & friends there 😀 Thanks for wanting to read The Seven Caves. I used to have a countdown to Halloween where I wrote original short stories the thirteen days before Halloween. They all feature settings where I’ve lived at one time or another 🙂 The collection is made up of the stories that got the most hits over the years, the most popular stories. Maybe I should do another scary short story countdown to Halloween this year? Thanks for wanting to give it a read! ❤

      • I’ll let you know how scary , if not scared speechless!! Maybe we can meet next year. Looks like weather would have messed up a trip this year for me.

  2. Forgot to mention. Thanks for the shout out about Isaac. It is blowing like crazy outside my house. Looks like a long day. I can’t believe I still have power! All is well so far:)

    • Oh Laura! HANG ON!!! I’m glad you still have power. It’s going to be a LONG day…<3 ❤ ❤ *hugs* to you and you're family! GO AWAY ISAAC!!!!!!! I hope he gets a move on…..dang! Take care, my friend. Saying prayers for you!

  3. Seems like every time the weather eases it comes roaring back in. No damage here. Just flooded and lots of branches down. So glad I have not lost power. Worst should be done by morning but it is crawling so rains will continue to soak us!
    Thanks so much for the prayers!

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