YA Indie Carnival: Listopia Demystified

Today at the carnival we’re all posting about Listopia. What’s Listopia you say? Well, if you’re on Goodreads, as I am, you’ve heard of it, right? Listopia is a great way to beef up your TBR list, mine is literally overflowing with amazing books, but I’m always looking for a great read. Listopia lists are one of the ways I find that perfect read for the beach, for a broody fall day, for a little something scary, etc…

Here’s how it works. Click on any book, for this example I’ll use 13 on Halloween. Scroll past the friend reviews and if a book is on a Listopia list, it will be listed in the section “Lists with this book” 13 on Halloween is listed in Best Cover Fall/Winter 2011 and Middle Grade Novels 2011  once a book is on a list, the more votes it gets the higher up on the list it is. It’s that simple. It’s a win-win for authors & readers. Authors get some great exposure for their books and readers get some great ideas for what they might like to read.

Some of the lists are hilarious too. Winnemucca is on the Feet! list:) LOL! And it’s also on the Adopt an Indie November 2011.  Check out all these lists to find some amazing reads for the beach this summer. And when you do, there’s a great box for you to search for the exact list you want, just enter your search term, say beach reads and a whole bunch of fun lists will appear for you to check out. Have fun in Listopia Land :)

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2 Comments on “YA Indie Carnival: Listopia Demystified

    • I’ll look for you on Goodreads! I’ve loved doing random searches for lists to help find amazing reads. Thanks for stopping by. Glad you liked the post :)

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