Drama out the front door

Here’s a picture of the blue jay babies I took just in time for Mother’s Day last weekend. The nest is outside our front door. We’re always coming and going and we’ve got the wind chimes there and our dog’s always running in and out. I guess blue jays like it loud :) There’s two boys and a girl squeezed in up there. They sure are big, aren’t they? Their wings weren’t quite strong enough yet last Saturday to try and fly out of the nest. Today they’re even bigger. Last night one of the boys tried to leave the nest and didn’t make it. I was heartbroken. Hubby buried him under a tree. We named him Fluffy. Here’s hoping the other two will make it. Life is pretty precarious in the wild. I googled wild bird survival rates and discovered 75% of birds born in the wild die in the first six months. So when you see a bird flying around today say a little word of thanks. They are such miracles, especially when you consider all the hard work that goes into preparing the nest and caring for the eggs and the babies. There sure is a lot of drama out our front door these days.

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