Galileo swings by the Transfer Student Blog Tour & Giveaway

Today the tour visits ANGELA CARLIE, AUTHOR OF THE LORDS OF SHIFTERS SERIES. Congrats to @AkChocoholic winner of kindle/nook TRANSFER STUDENT. To enter to win today’s ebook of TRANSFER STUDENT, just swing by Angela’s blog and comment with a link to ur tweet:

TRANSFER STUDENT by @Laurawriting RELEASE DAY 3/20! Blog Tour & Giveaway! #teenreads #scifi #romance #ya

All comments are entered to win this week’s swag too! [ EXPEDITION TO THE STARS 3-D MODEL, an IN-N-OUT Burger T-SHIRT, signed bookmarks, Griffith Park Observatory postcards, real meteorite fragments, Space Shuttle Commemorative playing cards!]

Angela and I met online and then face-to-face at Wordstock in Portland, OR where we had a booth together with  STACEY WALLACE BENEFIEL, BEST-SELLING AUTHOR OF THE ZELLIE WELLS TRILOGY. We had a great time talking to readers and writers at the festival. It’s been fun getting to know Angela.

Portrait of Galileo Galilei by Justus Susterma...

Galileo inventor of the telescope

Wait a minute! I write for teens. What’s a picture of this old dude doing here? Galileo would have been 448 years old this year. He’s still a household name and makes an appearance in TRANSFER STUDENT, Book 1 of THE STARJUMP SERIES. The transfer in the book occurs because Rhoe’s teleporting telescope experiment has an unintended side effect, swapping lives with Ashley. I began to research Galileo and the telescope and was not only inspired by his life and discoveries but also thought him a great subject for young adults. YA literature is full of outsiders. Galileo was the biggest outsider of his time. So much so that they still name space probes and broadway shows after him. So, why was he such an outcast? Well, his discovery of a telescope helped him to observe the universe. And when he did, he found that the Sun, not the Earth, was the center of our solar system. This got him arrested. It didn’t square with the religious world of the day. And so he would spend the last ten years of his life under house arrest for his discovery. He was one Bad Ace, like my friend Fisher Amelie would say.

I hope you’re having fun on the tour. The release party is only 2 days away!!!! Here’s some more articles on Galileo to surf. Check out Angela’s new book called Spider Wars, book 2 in the Lords of Shifters Series!  Stacey started a website where all of us could come together called The Pacific Northwest YA Authors. It’s a great place to go check out some amazing Indies. I’m having a blast getting to meet y’all on this tour. Just want to thank you for taking the time to stop by and for your TRANSFER STUDENT shoutouts online :)


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2 Comments on “Galileo swings by the Transfer Student Blog Tour & Giveaway

    • Alicia, Thanks for checking out the tour today:) I think Galileo is pretty awesome. Getting really excited for RELEASE DAY on tuesday!! super-squuuueee:) #happysunday

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