I’m Irish. Who isn’t on St. Patty’s day? But I’m so Irish that my protestant Irish mother made me wear ORANGE to school on St. Patty’s Day. In Chicago. Yes…it scarred me for life. Maybe that’s why I became a writer. And maybe it’s why I write about luck. A LOT. It’s funny how these weekly questions have helped me sort out patterns in my writing. All us carnis randomly suggest the post topics every week so I think it’s funny that last week’s post topic on the season we write and this week’s have evoked such epiphanies. Or maybe it’s just the fact that I’m carb-deprived, due to diet.

Anyway, here’s a LUCK excerpt from my new novel that will release this JUNE. I want to keep the title under wraps for now. But I LOVE this story and I LOVE the main character. I hope you like her too.

Pamina was a girl without at past until a grandma she never knew sent her the mask on her twelfth birthday with a note that said, “The Fairy Queen,” XXOO Isolde Richaleau. It seemed a joke at the time. A grandma named Isolde, yeah right. Then the girl’s thoughts meandered to the idea of A Fairy Queen. Pamina never believed in fairies or magic. And since she never had any kind of luck she didn’t believe in the good kind. Pamina had yet to experience any magic in her life until the day the mask and the note arrived. Magic doesn’t need to be the kind that comes in sparkled spells and drastic changes. The kind of magic Pamina felt that day was simply one that warmed her cold heart. A connection. To family. Someone did survive. This magic began to grow. History would claim Pamina. In the end when she found out the truth of her life, she’d wish she could have turned back time. But no mortal can do such things. We have to live the life the fates have given us. And the fates had been cruel to Pamina. Too cruel.

I do have a lucky piece of jade that I keep with me, but that’s about all I have in terms of a lucky charm. What about you? Do you have any lucky charms? How will you celebrate ST. PATTY’S DAY tomorrow?

And speaking of ST. PATTY’S DAY, see where you LUCKY LIL’ LEPRECHAUN’S can go to win BIG on this HOP!

Here’s what my AMAZING carnis have to say about LUCK this week:) ENJOY!

1. Laura A. H. Elliott author of Winnemucca & 13 on Halloween, Book 1 in the Teen Halloween Series 2. Bryna Butler, author Midnight Guardian series
3. Heather Self 4. T. R. Graves, Author of The Warrior Series
5. Suzy Turner, author of The Raven Saga 6. Cheri Schmidt, author of the Fateful Trilogy
7. Rachel Coles, author of Into The Ruins, geek mom blog 8. K. C. Blake, author of Vampires Rule and Crushed
9. Patti Larsen, The Hunted series and The Hayle Coven series 10. Amy Maurer Jones, Author of The Soul Quest Trilogy
11. Dani Snell’s Refracted Light Reviews 12. Fisher Amelie, author of The Understorey / Callum & Harper
13. M. Leighton, Blood Like Poison Series, Madly, The Reaping 14. Kimberly Kinrade, Bits of You & Pieces of Me, Forbidden Mind
15. Madeline Smoot, Missing, Summer Shorts, and The Girls 16. Cidney Swanson, author of Rippler
17. Gwenn Wright, author of Filter 18. TG Ayer
19. Melissa Pearl, Author of The Time Spirit Trilogy 20. Heather M. White, author of The Destiny Saga
21. Roots in Myth, PJ Hoover 22. Courtney Cole Writes


  1. I’m Irish too, even my name is.
    St. Patrick’s Day never meant much to me, but since I owe my newest contracted book to it, I feel the need to be super excited about it.

    And orange? Oh, Laura. That would scar me for life too. Orange is no one’s color.

    • LOL! Of course you are:) I love your name. Yes…well…I think the older a person gets the easier it is to celebrate the day in the style most accustomed to us Irishwomen! I love to slow roast a corned beef in GUINNESS. YUM! I’m even gonna sneek in a few boiled potatoes even though we’re on a low carb diet. I mean, RLLY? You can’t have St. Patty’s day without potatoes:) *wave* Thanks so much for stopping by today. Are you back at school now?

      • Ha ha. Yes, that’s a good way to celebrate the Irish spirit. I hope you enjoy your feast.

        I am back at school. I’m my economics class right now. (Shh, don’t tell anyone!) We have a test today that I’ve actually studied for it.

        Speaking of luck, you should drop by my blog. I passed The Lucky 7 Meme on to you, for being one of my last seven commenters.

  2. GOOD LUCK on your test today! Good for you for studying esp. with all that you’ve had going on! *hugs* *sending economic fairy dust your way*

    SQUEEEEE!!! I’ll go and get it the Lucky 7 and do the meme:):) Thanks McKenzie! Now I guess I should not be a bad influence and encourage you to get back to ur school stuff…..I hope you have a FABULOUS weekend!

  3. Oooh your new book sounds intriguing (although I kept reading Pashmina instead of Pamina…. but that’s just me being silly!).
    I don’t really have any lucky charms but my hubby has a 100 dollar bill that a client gave him as a tip about 20 years ago. He even refused to spend it when we visited Vegas (!).

    • OMG:) What a GREAT good luck charm Suzy! Didn’t spend it in Vegas….now that’s determination! 😉 Awwww…glad u like the excerpt. The story has it all, love, murder, opera…what? Yes. opera. LOL! Can’t wait to check out your post today. Isn’t this fun?

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