Transfer Student Blog Tour & Giveaway Starts Tomorrow! Squeee!

Griffith Park Observatory, Los Angeles, CA 

Two Worlds––Two Teens––One Wish

Geek Rhoe and Surfer Ashley would never be friends.
Even if they lived on the same planet.
But, they’ll become so much more.
They’ll transfer.

This is the setting where the transfer occurs on Earth. It’s where Ashley makes her first wish upon her first star at the exact same time Rhoe makes the same wish, a universe away. It’s where Rhoe finds that he now has to fit in at Beverly Hills High School as Ashley, compete in The Laguna Beach Surfing Invitational without becoming shark food, dodge boys’ affections, cool his preoccupation with Tiffany and his new body, and find the healing rocks he believes will save his brother’s life. 

If only it were that simple. Some wishes can’t come true. Some have to.

My hubby and I had so much fun in Los Angeles last weekend shooting the scenes that inspired TRANSFER STUDENT. It was a real walk down memory lane for both of us. I hope you enjoy the stories and photos on the tour!

At every stop on the tour, a TRANSFER STUDENT ebook will be given away [Kindle or Nook]! That’s 21 ebooks! Winners will receive their copies on ST. PATTY’S DAY, 3 days before the official release, because how fun would it be to read an alien romance/adventure while drinking green beer?

Every week all those who leave comments–either here on Laurasmagicday or on my amazing tour hosts’ blogs–are entered to win some great swag too! 

THIS WEEK’S SWAG: GROOVY NASA TRAVEL MUGS, real meteorite fragments, signed bookmarks, Griffith Park Observatory pen & postcards, Apollo 40th Anniversary commemorative coin, a CHOCOLATE MOON PIE, a space shuttle commemorative pin, a sparkly bracelet, a NASA key chain, a Griffith Observer booklet with a feature about telescopes and the military!

Hope to see you on the tour!

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