YA Indie Carnival Resolutions: What’s Your Title for 2012?

I don’t usually make Resolutions. Do you? A really great writer and friend of mine Dee White, author of Letters to Leonardo, wrote to me this week and told me that she’s given a title to her 2012, The Year of Possibilities. This inspired me. [go check out Dee’s blog to find out why that’s no surprise, the gal’s full of inspiration!]. I mean, I’m a writer, right? When the resolution boiled down to a title it suddenly didn’t seem so convoluted anymore. So I noodled on it. And here’s my title for 2012:

The Year of Just Do It

For me, it means so many things. Freedom, most of all. And I got started about a week ago. I just put up the first Audiobook chapter of 13 ON HALLOWEEN on my website. And, I’m writing the story I’ve wanted to write for about ten years now. That’s exciting. See, there were SO MANY reasons I didn’t put pen to paper before.

Research! Yes, I need to do so much more research [as if eight years + wasn’t enough]. Done.

Formatting! How can I possibly format such a sweeping epic? Done.

But I can’t write that! How can I write a historical novel when all I really write are stories to entertain and have needed relatively little research by comparison? Over it.

This also means that I am free to:

Work-out and not feel guilty I’m not writing

Write and not feel guilty I’m not working out

BBQ every day of the week

Eat more ice cream [I got an ice cream maker for Xmas! squeeee! Got any great recipes?]

What’s your title for 2012? Wishing you a very prosperous, healthy & HAPPY NEW YEAR! See you back at the carnival January 13!

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13 Comments on “YA Indie Carnival Resolutions: What’s Your Title for 2012?”

  1. Love the “Year of Just Do It”, Laura.

    Every writer needs a resolution like that!

    I’m sure you’ll achieve everything you set out to in 2012. Wishing you happiness and inspiration and I can’t wait to read your new books coming out next year.

    Dee x

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  3. OOOhhh, I get to name my year? WHOO!! Your title is so perfect… mine is

    Year of the Bestseller

    SO EXCITED! Great post, Laura–and yes, I’m with you–no longer will I regret having fun when I feel like I should be writing or writing when I want to have fun. Life is balance. 🙂

  4. Audio books! Cool! I haven’t gotten that cool yet, LOL! It sounds like such a neat idea. Was it difficult? How did you do it?

    Great resolutions! Happy 2012! ❤

    • Amy,
      Candy, my daughter, did all the hard work and wrapped up a zip drive under the tree:) She’s SUCH a sweetheart! Recorded the chapters in Garageband. I tried to do it myself, but I kept screwing up. I think it’s harder to read words you’ve written…does that make sense? Thanks for swinging by Amy! Can’t wait to see you in FL!

  5. I love it!- Year of Just Do It! I like that…
    As for writing that book- just meet it head on, bull, horns etcetera!
    Bring on 2012 I say! xx Tee

  6. LOL AWESOME…. I just LOVE that you are now free to BBQ every day and eat ice cream whenever you want. Can I come over?? lol
    Laura, I think you’re amazing. MWAH!

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