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Monday Muse : the girl on the rock

Hubby, Oso and I went to a great BBQ potluck on the 4th. We love the mountains and hubby’s family has been going up there for generations. So, there were a lot of new and old friends at the BBQ. Not only did we celebrate the country’s birthday, but a few actual birthdays too :D […]

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Best writing block busters of the year :)

I usually post regularly until recently. Lots going on in RL. I’d love to share some good news though, it looks like after surgery my mom is going to be cancer free and that she won’t need chemo! Woot! She sure is a strong woman, especially for her mid-eighties. I admire her strength and courage […]

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Happy New Year! 2013 roared in, in many unexpected ways for me. Here’s a picture of the New Year’s Day hike I took with my husband in Big Sur on the Skinner Trail, at Devil’s Peak. I have a love of surprises. On the drive down to Big Sur we saw whales spouting in the […]

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YA Indie Carnival: Off to college

Today I thought I’d re-post a personal story about our “off to college” experience with my youngest. She moved from LA to Manhattan at the age of 17 to go to school…. So at our hotel in Manhattan, The Hotel Chelsea “A rest stop for rare individuals”. Over the years The Hotel Chelsea has been home to […]

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The exploding chicken dinner

Sometimes you just HAVE to laugh. It was late in the day yesterday. Hubby was smoking a cigar on the deck and I was in the kitchen getting a few things ready for our BBQ. When the kids grow up these kinds of family dinners are few and far between. We live in the hills […]

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Transfer Student Blog Tour | Behind The Scenes : Wish Upon A Star

Congrats to @Jwitt33 winner of today’s TRANSFER STUDENT EBOOK! Good luck to today’s tweeters :) To read a review and get the scoop on today’s EBOOK/SWAG Giveaways visit the next stop on the tour, the wonderful Epilogue Review! Over the next few days I’m blogging about the inspirations/challenges of TRANSFER STUDENT. I wrote the first draft in 2006 […]

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